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Precision Recruitment Forecasting with Simulation-Based Technology

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On-Demand Webinar

Patient enrollment is a crucial aspect of clinical trial design but comes with a level of uncertainty. If risks are unmitigated there can be a severe negative effect on overall clinical strategy. In the worst cases, this can lead to discontinued clinical trials.

The key to success is connecting clinical trial design with precision patient enrollment forecasting. This ensures that studies meet optimal enrollment size and timing to generate the highest probability of success.

In this webinar with Cytel experts, learn:

  • How to predict recruitment milestones with high accuracy using historical data;
  • How to test different recruitment scenarios;
  • How to build more nuanced predictions for recruitment (e.g. how to determine upper and lower recruitment limits for 95% likelihood of success);
  • How to combine the above with other statistical design concerns such as delayed treatment, control arm responses and dropout rates.

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Meet our speaker:

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Pantelis Vlachos
Vice President of Customer Success




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