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Decision Making for Clinical Development

Developed in collaboration with scientists at AstraZeneca, Cytel's OK GO software platform offers a structured framework for making robust success and fail decisions early and fast, thereby improving the efficiency of your clinical development program. It is designed  to improve your organization’s clinical decision-making, communication and effectiveness. 

We are excited that the platform is currently in beta testing with the program now fully subscribed. 

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How will OK GO work for you?

  • Faster, better decisions 
  • Easier communication and agreement between stakeholders
  • Consistent standards enabled by presentation - quality plots
  • Bayesian and Frequentist approaches
  • Most common therapeutic areas and end points (normal, binomial, survival)













Pioneering work 

Decision making in early clinical development is fundamental.  At Cytel we are continuing to shape the future of drug development. Our innovative work continues to help sponsor companies of all sizes to improve their clinical research success rates. 

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Custom software boosts early phase decision-making at AstraZeneca

Decision Making in Early Clinical Development


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