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Cytel's Solara® Named Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Finalist for Technology

WALTHAM, MASS - Cytel Inc., creators of Solara®, a platform for high-compute, simulation-guided clinical trial strategy, is pleased to be chosen as a finalist for the Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Award for 2022.

As a part of its candidacy, Cytel revealed some of the latest results generated by the Solara platform, demonstrating the uses of its high-throughput screening approach to strategic decisions. This included diminishing study costs by an estimated $10 million USD on average on recent client projects, and facilitating decision-making by rapidly assessing tradeoffs in speed, power and cost across hundreds of thousands of design options.

Solara, a clinical strategy platform for the selection of statistical design, serves over 300 global users running billions of simulations per month. Solara has been used to design over 200 studies in multiple therapeutic areas as a part of efforts to scale the digital transformation of processes for clinical trial design.

Explains Dr. Yannis Jemiai, Chief Scientific Officer at Cytel: " Solara was developed to create a platform that could enable a superior trial design process through a shared decision system, one that would provide a quantitative basis for decision-making from the team level up to governance."

Dr. Jemiai adds, "We believed it would be valuable to have more voices at the table, but the question became how to employ technology to enable what was previously a highly methodological conversation. We are really pleased to see how our clients are adopting the platform, putting it into practice with the training of dozens of statisticians and clinicians to enable better conversations about the tradeoffs between strategic options."

Click here to watch an on demand webinar by Dr. Jemiai and Cytel’s Chief Medical Officer, Albert Kim.

The Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Award is annually awarded by Fierce Life Sciences, the parent company of Fierce Pharma and Fierce Biotech, for products that demonstrate effectiveness, technical innovation, competitive advantage, and financial impact. Cytel is delighted that Solara was chosen as a finalist in the Technology Innovation category, and looks forward to learning if it has won the award next month.

To learn about the powerful capabilities of Solara, please visit www.cytel.com/software/solara.


About Cytel
Cytel is the largest provider of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. For over thirty-five years, Cytel’s scientific rigor and operational excellence have enabled biotech and pharmaceutical companies to navigate uncertainty, prove value and make confident, evidence-based decisions. Its experts deliver industry-leading software, data-driven analytics, real-world evidence and strategic consulting. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Cytel has more than 2,000 employees across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about Cytel, please visit us at www.cytel.com


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