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Cytel and GSK Partner to Advance Clinical Trial Design with Solara

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GSK plans expansion of Solara clinical trial strategy platform to optimize design selection across therapeutic areas


WALTHAM, Mass. — Cytel Inc., a statistical software and advanced analytics provider in life sciences, announces that GSK, one of the world’s leading biopharma companies, has entered into a three-year strategic agreement to expand GSK’s deployment of clinical strategy platform Solara®. This collaboration will provide critical input to future development of the Solara platform. The platform has the potential to enable GSK to efficiently align on trial goals, navigate trial uncertainties and produce pressure-tested clinical trial designs that minimize costs and accelerate speed to market.  

GSK first utilized Solara in early 2022 and has already benefited from the platform across a range of study design projects. “Our experience from the pilot studies we conducted last year has shown that Solara is a powerful and innovative platform with an exciting vision,” says Nicky Best, Vice President, Statistics and Data Sciences Innovation Hub at GSK. “As Solara is deployed more broadly at GSK, we are eager to see the potential of how it could help to super-charge our existing quantitative decision-making framework to gain further efficiencies in our clinical trial design process, and to create the productive evidence-based conversations that we want our teams and governance boards to be engaging in.”

Since its initial launch in 2021, Solara has been adopted by over 300 users at top 20 biopharma companies globally and is the recipient of the 2022 Fierce Life Sciences Award for Technology Innovation. “Solara was launched to facilitate a more quantitative, robust and collaborative approach to clinical trial design with the goal of accelerating the development of new medicines,” says Scott Gaines, Cytel’s Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Software. “Seeing Solara used by GSK to optimize design selection across multiple projects is an important realization of this vision. We’re proud to be part of GSK’s mission to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together, and excited about extending the use of Solara across GSK.”

Solara combines Cytel’s proprietary algorithms evolved over three decades with massive cloud compute power to overcome constraints in clinical trial planning and design. Using Solara, clinical development teams rapidly generate tens of thousands of trial models, representing thousands of design variants. These are used to pressure-test against dozens of trial uncertainties, such as treatment effect and enrolment rate. In minutes, the platform’s high-speed processing capability simulates tens of millions of modelled events that might be observed during trial execution. Solara’s visualizations allow for easy review of the results and the ability to quantify scientific and business trade-offs.

Solara’s user-friendly interface and dynamic visualization offers a common language and workspace to enable a more data-driven and collaborative trial design process across clinical development functions. “We’re excited to partner with GSK in our continued effort to advance the systematic use of modeling, simulation, and quantitative decision-making in clinical development planning,” says Yannis Jemiai, Chief Scientific Officer at Cytel. “Ultimately, we expect that teams will produce better designs, clinical development plans, and decision-rules that improve success rates and help bring medicines to patients faster.”


About Cytel

Cytel is the largest provider of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. For over thirty-five years, Cytel’s scientific rigor and operational excellence have enabled biotech and pharmaceutical companies to navigate uncertainty, prove value and make confident, evidence-based decisions. Its experts deliver industry-leading software, data-driven analytics, real-world evidence and strategic consulting. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Cytel has more than 2,000 employees across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about Cytel, please visit us at www.cytel.com.

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