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Cytel's 2021 Webinars

Cytel believes dialogue is pivotal towards progress. Here are a list of our 2021 webinars.

The Long-term Industry Effects of COVID-19 (Stand-alone Webinar)

stock_covid_19[57336]COVID-19 has found statisticians advising on urban policy, global health policy and tech policy in ways that have transformed private sector relationships with the public sector. What are the long-term impacts of this transformation? In this virtual panel discussion, Natalia Muhlemann leads a conversation with industry experts who have had to facilitate such collaboration in the past year.

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Harnessing the Potential of Wearables in Clinical Trials (4-Part Webinar Series)

luke-chesser-rCOWMC8qf8A-unsplashWith the potential to collect clinically relevant and patient-focused endpoints, wearables are positioned to be one of the most exciting new trends in clinical development. This 4-part webinar series includes discussions on the use of wearables in confirmatory clinical trials; Wearable technology for clinical and epidemiological studies; Regulatory pathways for wearables-based endpoint in clinical trials; U.S. Regulatory Aspects of Digital and Wearable Medical Devices.

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Synthetic Control Mythbusters (Stand-alone Webinar)

artem-maltsev-klM8jNdndrI-unsplashDuring this webinar our panel of expert speakers from Cytel, Roche and CIOX Health, share their insights and bust Real-World Data industry myths around the use of synthetic controls in research and regulatory applications. In addition, they dispel and bust a number of myths related to their specific sector of industry, namely pharma, data vendor, and consulting.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Trials: Novel Aspects of Design and Challenges of Analysis (Stand-alone Webinar)

stock_covid_19[57336]In this webinar, industry experts discuss the clinical requirements for vaccines development, the application of innovative Bayesian methods for vaccine trials, and the specificity and challenges of vaccine trials' analysis.

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De-Risking the Unknown: Optimizing Statistical Design for Clinical Strategy (Stand-alone Webinar)

Solara-Image-1104-736Cytel’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Yannis Jemiai discusses Solara, a collaborative decision-support platform that gives statisticians the ability to run tens of millions of simulations within minutes and communicate the benefits of various designs using graphics and other non-technical communication methods.

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Innovations in Bayesian Clinical Trials Virtual Symposium (Series of 8 Webinars)

anton-darius-hbm6nlLAo3Y-unsplashThe second part of the successful 'Innovations in Bayesian Clinical Trials Virtual Symposium and Interactive Workshops’ adds a host of new webinars and speakers to the program where the audience is exposed to cutting edge topics from industry leaders in Bayesian statistics.

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Hi3+3: A Model-Assisted Dose-Finding Design Borrowing Historical Data (Stand-alone Webinar)

Blog_Thumbnail_1104_736 V8In this webinar, Yuan Ji discusses his recent publication, Hi3+3: A Model-Assisted Dose-Finding Design Borrowing Historical Data. The purpose of the publication was based on a hybrid design that partly uses probability models and partly uses algorithmic rules for decision making. The aim is to improve the efficiency of the dose-finding trials in the presence of historical data, maintain safety for patients, and achieve a level of simplicity for practical applications.

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Statistical Methods and Business Principles for Optimal Trial Design Selection (Series of 3 Presentations)

josh-riemer-OH5BRdggi2w-unsplashThis webinar series features three presentations from the 2021 PSI Online Conference. Our world-renowned industry experts and Cytel co-founders, Cyrus Mehta, Nitin Patel, and Chief Scientific Officer, Yannis Jemiai discuss their respective presentations from the Statistical Methods and Business Principles for Optimal Trial Design Selection session.

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Head to Head Comparisons Using Real World Data (Series of 5 Webinars)

Blog_Thumbnail_1104_736 V10Hear from our team of experts as they embark on two pilot projects on head-to-head comparisons using real world data. These projects in oncology and cardiovascular disease occur in real time across this webinar series. Learn about the data and analytical challenges faced during the projects, and how these challenges are overcome.

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MedTech Webinar Series (6 Webinars)

john-adams-1xIN4FMR78A-unsplashA series of complimentary webinars focusing on key strategic choices and trade-offs in drugs and MedTech development. Topics include:

  • MedTech CEOs and Investors Round Table Discussion
  • Optimizing Decision on Multiple Endpoints in Clinical Trials
  • Developing Companion Diagnostics: Biotech and MedTech partnership
  • Adaptive design with Bayesian Informed Interim Decisions
  • Bayesian trials in MedTech: 10 years’ experience
  • Integrating Real World Evidence and Payers considerations into your development program

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CMO Webinar Series (7 Webinars)

Blog_Thumbnail_1104_736 V13A series of complimentary webinars focusing on key strategic choices and trade-offs in drugs development. Experts talk about challenges in clinical trials across all stages of drugs development, and discuss pro and cons of innovative methodologies that are becoming increasingly important with the advancement of precision medicine.

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Expanding Applications of Master Protocols (3-Part Webinar Series)

Blog_Thumbnail_1104_736 V7Master protocols are advanced and innovative clinical trial designs, that allow for the study of multiple therapies and disease populations within a single protocol. During the webinar series Cytel experts present:

  • Master Protocols in a Global Health Context
  • Master Protocols: Trends in Bayesian Basket Studies
  • Master Protocols: The Next Iteration - What Past Lessons Tell Us About Designing New Trials

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Real-world Implementation of Drug Therapies Webinar Series (3 Webinars)

Blog_Thumbnail_1104_736 V6A a three part complimentary webinar series, focusing on Real-world implementation of drug therapies: non-adherence and non-persistence as major barriers to replicate trial results in clinical practice.

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Empowered Trial Selection with Weighting and Prioritization Tools (Stand-alone Webinar)

ash-edmonds-0aWZdK8nK2I-unsplashIn a thought-provoking webcast with Applied Clinical Trials, Yannis Jemiai, Cytel's Chief Science Officer reveals how trial sponsors can leverage Solara to quickly explore millions of trial designs through advanced simulation methods and answer key clinical strategy questions.

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Keeping the Promise: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the Promising Zone Design (Series of 5 Webinars)

10-Years-PZ-1104_736-V1Cytel celebrates 10 Years of the Promising Zone with a series of webinars and panel discussions on the past and future of this groundbreaking design. Through the courses, panels and webinars provided in this series you will learn about:

  • The statistical foundations, theoretical insights and future evolution of the promising zone design;
  • The enterprising strategic initiatives made possible by the promising zone, from stage-gated investing to principled resource allocation;
  • The future promise of the promising zone with insights from yet unpublished work by Cyrus Mehta.

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