Cytel Introduces its Newest Product


New Data-Driven Patient Enrollment Forecasting Software
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Cytel announces the release of Enforesys ®, a new tool for data-driven enrollment forecasting. The first software of its kind, Enforesys® draws on Cytel’s expertise in mathematical modeling and computer simulation, to create software designed to help feasibility experts mitigate risk, curtail loss of investment capital and protect potential revenue.

Enforesys® responds to an industry-wide call to lower the rate of missed patient enrollment milestones. Currently, more than 35% of discontinued Phase 3 trials cite poor recruitment as the leading cause of trial termination.

“When Cytel learned of the magnitude of the patient recruitment problem, we felt that we could provide a new solution to a challenge eating away at our industry,” said Cytel Vice President Yannis Jemiai. “Armed with these forecasting techniques, clinical operations managers are positioned to assess whether feasibility projections are realistic.”

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ClinicDIA Webinar: Integrating Adaptive Trials and Financial Decision-Making

Cytel CTO, Chairman and Co-Founder Nitin Patel and Pharmagellan’s Frank David reveal how developers are using adaptive designs to also determine development funding strategies.

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cytelNew East® 6.3: Adaptive Dose-Escalation Studies, Accurate Trial Predictions

East® 6.3 addresses key design challenges including modern Bayesian dose-escalation trial methods, plus advanced tools for multiplicity adjustment and predicting a study’s future course.

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Raptor Wall StreetCytel Supports Raptor Pharma’s First Approved Product

CMO Patrice Rioux reveals how Cytel’s adaptive trial design and data analytics played a pivotal role in orphan status approval for their rare disease treatment.

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Nature ArticleJust Published in Nature Journal

Cyrus Mehta, Cytel president and co-founder, co-authored new paper on emerging Efficacy-to-Effectiveness trials in Nature's Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

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cytelVideo Insights

CMO Dr. Adam Craig on aligning the medical and financial rationales in an adaptive sample size re-estimation oncology trial.

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Suvoda PartnerCytel and Suvoda Partnership Announced at DIA

Cytel advanced technology will be available from the Suvoda IRT system providing access to validated prediction, implementation, and trial operations-support tools.

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Marvin ZelenCytel Remembers Friend and Board Member Marvin Zelen

Cytel mourns the loss of Cytel Board Member Professor Marvin Zelen. Marvin was an esteemed statistician, inspiring mentor and beloved friend.