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New Drug Development Paradigm

Drug development is entering a new era of potential. By applying advanced analytical techniques to emerging and real-world data sources, the industry has the potential to generate evidence that could complement traditional randomized clinical trials, accelerate submissions, and bring vital new medicines to patients.

In this on-demand webinar, Francis Kendall, Senior Director of Biostatistics and Programming and Ursula Garczarek, Associate Principal of Strategic Consulting discuss the drivers of the new drug development landscape including new data sources, and the availability of advanced analytics. They walk attendees through some of the most promising applications of real-world evidence across the drug development continuum; provide insights on the current regulatory environment and highlight areas where new approaches are making the most impact today. The presentation concludes with a Q&A from the live audience.

Key learning points: 

• Gain clarity on the critical drivers for the changing drug development landscape and the adoption of RWE
• Understand the potential of RWE and its applications across the clinical development lifecycle
• Get up to speed on the latest regulatory environment
• Understand the potential future of real-world evidence

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