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Expanding Applications of Master Protocols

Master Protocols Webinar Series: Register today!

Cytel is excited to host a complimentary three-part webinar series  focusing on Expanding Applications of Master Protocols

Master protocols are advanced and innovative clinical trial designs, that allow for the study of multiple therapies and disease populations within a single protocol. Common master protocol designs include basket trials, where a single investigational drug is tested across multiple populations; umbrella trials which test many therapies within a single population; and platform trials which utilize interim analyses and multi-arm multi-stage methods for continuous adding and dropping of therapies. As master protocols become more commonly used, Cytel presents on their broader application across multiple settings.

During the webinar series Cytel experts will present: 

  • Master Protocols in a Global Health Context
  • Master Protocols: Trends in Bayesian Basket Studies 
  • Master Protocols: The Next Iteration - What Past Lessons Tell Us About Designing New Trials 

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