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Master Protocols

Master Protocols encompass a number of different statistical trial designs, which can test multiple therapies and multiple population subgroups, under a single protocol. Master Protocols can include basket and umbrella designs, various adaptive platform trials, and a number of complex studies. Employing Master Protocols requires an understanding of both Bayesian and Frequentist methods, as well as keen awareness of therapeutic area. Their growing use also creates new opportunities for clinical benefit and financially sound decision-making.


Meet our distinguished speakers:

  • Jason Connor is the President & Lead Statistical Scientist at ConfluenceStat.
  • Cyrus Mehta is a prominent biostatistician, and Fellow of the American Statistical Association. He co-founded Cytel Inc. in 1987 along with Nitin Patel.
  • Jay Park is a Director & Research Principal at Cytel.
  • Pantelis Vlachos is a Principal in Strategic Consulting at Cytel. 
  • Alyssa Biller is a Solutions Consultant at Cytel. 
  • Kyle J. Wathen is the Vice President of Scientific Strategy & Innovation at Cytel. 

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