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Future Trials for Combination Cancer Therapy

On Demand Webinar


Join Cytel for a new 90-minute webinar led by James Matcham, Pantelis Vlachos and Dr Kyung Won Kim

The webinar will discuss the promise of clinical trials in revolutionizing cancer treatment in the future via combination cancer therapy. Due to the complexities of cancer, there is wide spread recognition for a multi-faceted approach is necessary for effectively combating the disease. There will be significant advancements in combination cancer therapy in coming years, the integration of immunotherapies with traditional chemotherapy or target therapies will be a key focus. Combining immunotherapies with other treatments, researchers aim to enhance their effectiveness and broaden their applicability across various cancers.

Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • Clinical drug development strategy involving combination therapy – clinician perspective
  • Statistical consideration in cancer combination therapy trials – adaptive trial designs, interim data monitoring
  • Design event-based studies: Refocusing enrollment to the subpopulation of interest  

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