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Optimizing Geographic  Distribution of Sites In Clinical 
Trials: The Time/Cost Trade Off  Matthew Austin, Amgen, Inc.
and Vlad Anisimov, Statistical Consultant

Design Concept for a Confirmatory Basket Trial  Robert A. Beckman, MD ,Professor of Oncology & of Biostatistics, Georgetown University

Novel Design and Implementation of Interim and Final Analyses in the Sham-Controlled Double Blind Randomized Phase III Studies in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Peng Sun,  Biogen

Adaptive Design and Trial Monitoring: a Practitioner's View Jim Bolognese, Cytel

Adverse Event Monitoring: Safety Statistics in Focus Ed Whalen, Pfizer

Multi-arm Multi-stage (MAMS) Designs Cyrus Mehta Ph.D, Cytel Inc. Cambridge, MA

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