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Estimands: Not Just a Statistical Issue

In this webinar, Paul Terrill, Statistical Consultant, shares the bottom-line on estimands and discusses their implications for your trial's objectives, design, data collection, statistical analyses and conclusions. Paul also shares his guidance on managing the communication about estimands between multiple internal stakeholders, gaining internal buy-in, and ensuring that your trial’s objectives, design, conduct, analysis and interpretation are in line with the addendum.

Key Learning Points

-Estimands and their role in clinical trials - the essentials:
      The purpose of the addendum
      What is an estimand and why do they matter
      Which stakeholders need to understand them and why
      Why it is not just a statistical issue
-How and why do estimands impact:
      The definition of a trial’s objectives
      The clinical data collected
      The statistical analyses
      The conclusions from the study
-How to facilitate early discussions to harmonize trial objectives
-The consequences of not thinking about estimands

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Meet the Speaker

Paul Terrill has been working as a statistician for over 20 years, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. He has statistical design and analysis skills that he uses to provide valuable statistical consultancy and advice. Paul has excellent training and presentation skills and is praised for his ability to clearly communicate complex statistical concepts to non-statisticians.

Paul started his career working as a statistician in the agrochemical industry at Jealott’s Hill, Berkshire before becoming a statistical trainer for SAS. He moved into the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 and primarily provides support to biotech and small pharmaceutical companies who lack in-house statistical expertise. He has been on the PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry) Scientific Committee since 2014, took on the role of Scientific Committee Chair and PSI Board Member in October 2017 and in 2020 took on the role of the Chair for the annual PSI conference.

Paul holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Kent, Canterbury.