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News: Cytel Extends Clinical Trial Enrollment Forecasting Capabilities with EnForeSys 2.0 Release

25th July, 2018 Cambridge, MA, USA.  Cytel Inc., a global provider of innovative analytical software and services to the biopharmaceutical industry, today announces the release of version 2.0 of its EnForeSys software. Launched in 2015, EnForeSys is a leading decision tool that uses modern simulation methods to predict clinical trial recruitment milestones with high accuracy.

According to Tufts CSDD research (1), a typical clinical trial needs to double the planned enrollment period to reach its recruitment target, while 11% of research sites fail to enroll a single patient. Deploying historical site-level data and other factors for more accurate forecasts, EnForeSys has put trial planners and feasibility groups back in the driving seat, allowing them to flag potential challenges and choose the best enrollment strategy for their particular circumstances. The upgraded version unveils expanded functionality that allows users improved interactivity and the ability to generate even more granular forecasts for resolving their feasibility challenges.

The enhanced capabilities include:

“Interactive Planner" mode for iterative forecasting:
• Closed-form computations allow instant predictions
• Set goals on target study duration and site activation

Expanded simulation options for more realistic and accurate forecasts:
• Study start-up time
• Minimum number of patients
• Pre-screening
• Holidays and seasonal effects
• Mid-trial change in enrollment rates

Charles Liu, Senior Product Manager at Cytel, said, “The objective of this release is to deepen the prediction capabilities of EnForeSys with expanded modeling attributes. We have simultaneously provided a more interactive experience with a planner mode that supports instant predictions. Enrollment continues to be one of the biggest headaches for our customers, and so our EnForeSys product road-map commits to further developments, such as mid-trial monitoring and forecasting, that will help them to better quantify the probability of success of their various strategies.”

About EnForeSys
EnForeSys 2.0 is a decision tool that leverages simulation methods to predict clinical trial recruitment milestones with high accuracy. Armed with a reliable probability of success, you can rest assured that your trial will reach its targeted enrollment on time and on budget.
For EnForeSys product or sales queries from existing or prospective customers contact sales@cytel.com. To learn more about the software and request a  complimentary 30-day trial evaluation click the button below.


About Cytel
Cytel is shaping the future of drug development. As the world's largest independent biostatistics clinical research organization (CRO), and pioneer in adaptive trials, Cytel helps leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies improve clinical success rates via optimal study design, effective data management, and accurate statistical analysis. Cytel provides both software solutions for the design and analysis of clinical trials, including industry standards East®, StatXact® and LogXact®, as well as data-focused clinical research services. With operations across North America, Europe, and India, Cytel employs 900 professionals, with strong talent in biostatistics, programming, and data management. For more information about Cytel, visit http://www.cytel.com/.

Cytel Contact
Liz Cole
Senior Director, Marketing


1) January 2015 Getz, K: The Cost of Clinical Trial Delays