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On Demand Webinar Series:
Advancing Innovation in Clinical Trial Design

 Design for results: statistical software to optimize your clinical development strategy

Cytel is excited to announce a new webinar series, Advancing Innovative Clinical Trial Design. Innovative trial design has provided pharmaceutical & biotech companies an opportunity to design and implement more efficient clinical trials in order to expedite the drug development process. Several regulators, including the FDA, EMA and CDE have encouraged the use of complex, adaptive, Bayesian and other novel clinical trial designs.

In this innovative webinar series, our industry leading speakers will discuss:

  • Trends in clinical trial design
  • Review the evolving landscape and statistical framework
  • Discuss the use of various tools for optimizing trial designs and review the practical's when implementing trial simulations
  • Present the use of Cytel’s East ® platform (the industry-standard software for adaptive clinical trial design and analysis) and Cytel’s Solara platform (the first trial strategy platform)

Watch the fourth webinar in the new series on demand, Adaptive design in early phase clinical trials. Design for results: statistical software to optimize your clinical development strategy, led Yannis Jemiai, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Cytel.

Good decisions are based on data, but with the profusion of data available in the life sciences today, analytics and design of experiment principles have never been more critical. Product development teams wanting to optimize decision-making should integrate quantitative modeling approaches in their study strategy and planning. Now more than ever, innovative trial design can play a key role in increasing success rates and accelerating medicines to market.

In this webinar Yannis Jemiai will discuss:

  • Both long-standing and new digital solutions that empower statisticians to advocate for these novel methods with the broader team
  • How quantitative sciences play a critical role in a product team’s ability to make optimal decisions earning the statistician a place at the strategic development table
  • How long-standing industry standard software East helps statisticians quickly and easily explore adaptation options for their study design
  • How Solara®, a first-in-class platform for clinical trial strategy, allows development teams to understand strategic priorities, explore more nuanced facets of trial design, and harmonize statistical and clinical perspectives to produce truly data-driven trials.

Meet the Speakers

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