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Our solutions, powered by intelligence, enable confident decisions – from conception to commercialization.


Cytel’s award-winning statistical and predictive software solutions enable our clients to make the best possible decisions. Our software portfolio offers adaptive, Bayesian, and exact tools which allow you to go fast and learn as you go.

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Real World & Advanced Analytics

Through our advanced analytics, Cytel provides the richer, deeper insights necessary for making confident development decisions. We generate evidence which complements traditional randomized clinical trials, accelerates submissions, expands indications, and supports health-economic decision-making.

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Innovative Trial Design

Cytel is the largest provider of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. Our clients have the tools and expertise they need to design the best possible clinical trials,  providing promising results for all patient populations, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Biometrics Implementation

Cytel’s modern approach to resourcing is based on the simple premise that every customer deserves the “A” team. Whether you face a complex statistical issue, or the need for knowledgeable collaborators to handle biometrics and trial implementation, Cytel has skilled professionals available when you need them.

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