Cytel software helps you deliver the impossible

You’ve been asked to conduct research at an unprecedented rate – to deliver the impossible. You need to find a therapy. Quickly. Time is of the essence, and COVID-19 patients can’t wait for sponsors to have perfect data before designing trials or conducting analysis. Fortunately, Cytel’s software portfolio gives you adaptive, Bayesian, and exact tools to go fast and learn as you go.


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Design Faster, Smarter COVID-19 Trials

East® gives you easy access to the adaptive designs that matter so you can quickly design trials with the potential to manage uncertainty, accelerate development timelines, reduce the required sample size, and increase the likelihood of technical success.

  • Design appropriately for small or skewed data

  • Account for uncertainty in the therapeutic effect

  • Progress confidently despite imperfect data

  • Explore more therapies in less time with fewer patients

Accurately Analyze Imperfect COVID-19 Data

You're moving faster than you ever have. Your organization needs to make the best decisions possible with the data you have. Cytel’s Xact portfolio helps you make the impossible happen by rethinking how you leverage data to draw conclusions.

  • Accurately analyze small or skewed data

  • Leverage historical data

Accelerate Defensible Decisions for Faster COVID-19 Development

COVID-19 patients are waiting. Your organization needs to expedite go/no-go decision-making without compromising quality to advance promising therapies through the clinic more quickly. Cytel’s OKGO helps you move faster and smarter with a Bayesian framework for structuring decisions in advance.

  • Reduce Bias

  • Increase consistency

  • Accelerate data review

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