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Cytel Announces Launch of East Lite App for Sample Size Calculations on the Go

Cambridge, MA, USA, 6th March 2018 

Cytel Inc., a global provider of innovative analytical software and services for the life sciences industry, and a recognized pioneer in adaptive trial design, today announces the launch of its East Lite app on iOS. Developed by the team responsible for East, the biopharma industry's gold standard clinical trial design software, East Lite features Normal, Binomial, and Survival endpoints and Survival and Non-inferiority designs with options for variance and test statistic.
The free tool is available for download on the App Store and gives biostatisticians, clinicians and students the ability to conveniently and quickly create sample size and power calculations using their iPhone or iPad.

Yannis Jemiai, Senior Vice President at Cytel, said, “I was searching for a way to run a simple power calculation without having to log back into my laptop. When I found there was no existing app that met my needs, I realized that Cytel was perfectly placed to contribute a tool to fill the gap. Our software development team rose to the challenge and East Lite is the result. The app is a way for us to give something back to the wider statistical and clinical community as well as add value to our existing East software customers. With our heritage in academic research and education, Cytel has a particular passion for supporting new industry talent and so we are also glad to give early career statisticians a taster of some of the simpler East functions to use in their work.”

Charles Liu, Senior Product Manager at Cytel, said, “Biostatisticians in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries are increasingly juggling multiple projects with tight timelines. Frequently, statisticians need to make a sample size or power calculation on the go- whether to check an idea while away from their desk, or answer a question in real-time during a clinical trial planning meeting. Pharmaceutical clinicians also tell us they value having a fast and simple way to verify the calculations provided to them by statisticians. Therefore, we believe that East Lite will attract users from a range of backgrounds and experience. “

Future development plans include a version for android.

To download East Lite on the Apple App Store click below.


East Lite



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