Reinventing Trial Design in the Digital Era

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The status quo in today’s trial design relies on a tedious iteration cycle between clinicians and statisticians. A highly manual process that is further hindered by multiple perspectives and occasionally conflicting agendas create restrictions on the number of designs and scenarios that can be evaluated for a clinical trial. 

What if clinicians and statisticians could collaborate on a digital workbench, using visualizations and extracting data to answer a variety of clinical design and development questions?

In this presentation, Cytel’s Chief Medical Officer, Albert Kim, and Chief Scientific Officer, Yannis Jemiai will discuss and demonstrate a new vision for collaboration in clinical development. Leveraging a case study, Albert and Yannis will showcase how Solara®, Cytel’s first-in-class platform for clinical trial strategy, enables the real-time dialogue surrounding a variety of decision and business scenarios while adjusting key clinical trial design and development factors to answer their questions and ensure the best outcome for their organization.

Join us to learn:

  • How advances in simulation-guided clinical trial design technology and data visualizations enable dialogue between clinicians and statisticians. 
  • How collaboration and pressure-testing of clinical trial designs can reduce the duration of the clinical development process.
  • How new technology is re-shaping the clinical trial design process.

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Meet the Speakers


Albert Kim

Albert Kim MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

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Yannis Jemiai
Chief Scientific Officer

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