Randomizing is Crucial to Controlled Clinical Trials

Errors can risk patient drop-outs and undermine the statistical validity

Cytel has trained a dedicated team of statisticians and programmers to design randomization plans and control their implementation with zero tolerance for errors.

We generate randomization lists and algorithms for all randomization types (e.g. stratified permuted block, covariate-adaptive, response-adaptive) using our validated FlexRandomizer® software.  FlexRandomizer works from dedicated servers, generating a thorough audit trail of all study requests and transactions, ensuring consistency across processes, facilitating scalability, and optimizing resource time and costs.

FlexRandomizer is seamlessly integrated in our workflow management platform, and our ACES DMC management system for dynamic allocation. To better manage trial site logstics, ACES also offers drug supply forecasting algorithms to optimize study drug stocking and avoid stock-out problems.

Our own team also includes highly trained programmers based in India, further reducing randomization costs. Cytel's adaptive design experts support the randomization team for Frequentist or Bayesian adaptive randomization plans, offering aggregated expertise across a range of trial designs.