Cytel Functional Services Capabilities - Ongoing Trial Support

Cytel is a Functional Service Provider (FSP) in the areas of SAS® programming, biostatistics, pharmacokinetic analysis, medical writing, and data management.

  • Early stage clinical reports
  • Safety studies
  • Early and late stage TLF programming for safety and efficacy
  • Creation and review of SAPs and TLF mockups
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) analyses
  • SDTM dataset development and validation
  • ADaM dataset development and validation
  • EDC build
  • Randomization for fixed and adaptive trials

Crafting an FSP partnership is a strategic investment of time, effort and money. Benefits accrue only if the trial sponsor-service provider relationship is stable, durable, and delivering increasing gains. It is crucial that the FSP be agile enough to keep pace with increasing needs, including work spikes. This calls for a fine-tuned combination of quantity and quality.

Our Project Teams

Cytel offers several unique attributes differentiating it from the majority of CROs. The first is our strong biostatistics focus, even in programming functions. Over 25% of our SAS Programming staff have a statistics education – the ideal background for Biostatistics and Statistical Programming Functional Services.

Our Technology

The second is the Productivity Tools repertoire originating from our long history of software development. Innovation and efficiency enhancement are natural traits in our DNA. As a result, we deliver substantial and sustainable productivity gains in lasting client partnerships.