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Celebrating 35 Years

Improving human health since 1987

A History of Innovation

For 35 years, Cytel’s scientific rigor and operational excellence have enabled biotech and pharmaceutical companies to navigate uncertainty, prove value, and make confident, evidence-based decisions. Please join us in celebrating this milestone with insights from our leadership team, reflections on the transformative changes experienced by the biomedical community, and a set of special activities.

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Continuously Pushing Boundaries to Unlock the Power of Your Data

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The Evolution of Cytel: Perspectives

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Joshua Schultz on the Evolution of Cytel

On the occasion of Cytel’s 35th anniversary, our CEO Joshua Schultz sits down with Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri to discuss the..
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Cyrus Mehta on the Founding of Cytel

On the occasion of Cytel’s 35th anniversary, co-founder Professor Cyrus Mehta sits down with Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri to..
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Nitin Patel on 35 Years of Technological Innovation

On the occasion of Cytel’s 35th anniversary, co-founder Professor Nitin Patel sits down with Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri to..
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Hear from our people: Find out what it's like to work at Cytel today

Industry Voices

A series of interviews with Cytel staff on their insights as leaders in cutting-edge industry trends.
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Career Perspectives

A series of interviews with Cytel staff on their professional journeys. 
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Messages from Cytel’s Leadership

It’s been a privilege to work at Cytel for the past 17 years. Seeing it transform from a small statistical software company into a leading global analytics partner to the life science industry has been extraordinary. Throughout, Cytel has retained its core values of scientific rigor, collaboration, and innovation. It is the people at Cytel that keep this tradition alive, and they continue to be the reason our work is stimulating, challenging, and fun. As we continue to build this community and help our clients meet the challenges of the age of data and analytics, I can only wish many happy returns Cytel!

Yannis Jemiai
Chief Scientific Officer

I started my career in the biometrics space 22 years ago in a small biostatistics CRO in the Boston area founded by a contemporary of Cyrus and Nitin. Being local to the headquarters of Cytel throughout my career, I often crossed paths with Cytel and marveled at the way the organization was able to stay on the bleeding edge of statistical software and services. When I had the opportunity to join Cytel in 2019, it represented a professional milestone to be able to join such a prestige organization.

After three years, two things come to mind when I think about what makes Cytel different in this industry.

  1. Talent – Every company thinks they have the best people, and to large extent there are talented people everywhere I’ve worked. What is different about Cytel is the abundance of that talent, there are folks up and down the roster making a huge difference in the industry. Whether it’s pioneering new software or leading the pack in the use of novel applications like R shiny.
  2. Diversity – Cytel is the most diverse place I’ve ever worked. We have people from all over the world, with wide-ranging continuum of academic and practical expertise. This diversity is evident in every aspect of our organization; our ability to view challenges from a multitude of perspectives allows us to arrive at solution sets that a homogenized team would never consider.
Corey Dunham
Senior Vice President, Functional Service Provider

I started my journey at Cytel in the clinical data management space 8 years ago and took on the responsibility of leading quality assurance in 2018. For any company, it is essential to achieve a balance between conforming to standards and delivering quality services on time. I am proud to be part of an organization that takes a proactive approach to quality and cares deeply for its clients. Cytel is highly engaged in a continuous improvement program and has undertaken tremendous activities in automation, innovation, and improvements in our quality process. Congratulations to Cytel on completing 35 glorious years in the industry! Together, we will continue to apply our expertise to maximize the value of clinical data, in the years to come.

Patti Arsenault
Vice President, Quality Assurance
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