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Perspectives on Enquiry & Evidence

The world's leading supplier of statistical insight to decision-makers in the lifesciences brings you debate and discussion of the newest trends in statistics and quantitative strategy.
January 25, 2023

Bayesian Approach in Oncology Trials

People think in Bayesian terms all the time: we use prior information and the evidence at hand to make decisions in our..
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January 17, 2023

Bayesian Strategies in Rare Diseases

When it comes to rare diseases, a handful of major challenges to drug development arise. Bayesians strategies have..
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December 29, 2022

Top Perspectives Articles of 2022

Perspectives on Enquiry and Evidence explores a wide variety of topics within clinical trial design and data science in..
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December 27, 2022

Top Bayesian Topics of 2022

Bayesian methods have been playing a key role in transforming clinical research, providing a variety of new..
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