Highlights from the SCDM 2018 Conference

October 16, 2018

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The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) conference brought clinical data managers from around the world to Seattle-Bellevue, WA on September 23-26. The conference offered an unmatched opportunity to discover innovative solutions in the clinical data management industry. In this blog, we will share our data management colleagues' experiences, observed trends and contributions to the program.

Paul Paul Fardy, Executive Director of Data Management, commented, "I attended the Leadership Forum at the SCDM Conference where I met friends and colleagues from the data management world. There appears to be a clear division between data management processes and the technologies that are being offered. This division is due to the acceleration of technological development compared to the implementation of such technologies within clinical studies. We have the experience and expertise at Cytel to bridge the gap and advise companies on their data strategy for their future studies on drug development programs."

Trending: Emerging Clinical Data Management Technologies

The most fascinating trend at this year’s conference was the evolution of new data management technologies. Julie Barenholz, Senior Data Manager at Cytel, attended the session “Data Management in the World of Direct to Patient or Virtual Trials”. The speakers discussed various technologies such as ePRO and mobile devices, which will be used to engage with patients outside of urban centers. The ability to reach patients who can’t always get to larger hospital settings will provide a more representative study population.

As a result of this approach, EDC may be relied on less frequently, and multiple data sources will become more common. Julie said “Cytel is positioned to get ahead of this curve with our many years of handling various types of external data, providing guidance on design and standardizing data collection through to submission. By having Data Managers, Bio Statistical Programmers, and Biostatisticians as part of the core team from the start of a trial, all aspects of data quality and integrity are all but assured."


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SCDM Contributed Session Featuring Julie Barenholz

Julie participated in the panel discussion “Does the Quality of Your Clinical Data Keep You Up at Night?”. The panelists discussed their greatest challenges in clinical data management and recommended new ideas to ensure data cleaning quality and efficiencies.

Julie and her peers offered insight into what people, processes and technologies are needed in order to successfully manage clinical data.

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