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Meet the Author

Esha Senchaudhuri

Associate Director, Content Marketing

Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri is a Research and Communications Specialist, committed to helping scholars and scientists translate their research findings to public and private sector executives. At Cytel, Esha leads external communications, content strategy, and content production across the company's five business units. She received a doctorate from the London School of Economics in philosophy and is a former early-career policy fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has taught at York University and the Harvard School of Public Health (TH Chan School) and sits on the Steering Committee of the Society for Women in Philosophy's Eastern Division, which is responsible for awarding the Distinguished Philosopher Award.


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Joshua Schultz on the Evolution of Cytel

On the occasion of Cytel’s 35th anniversary, our CEO Joshua Schultz sits down with Dr. Esha Senchaudhuri to discuss the...
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The Uses of Bayesian Methods in Late-Phase Clinical Trial Strategy

A number of late-phase clinical trial sponsors remain hesitant to employ Bayesian approaches in confirmatory settings,...
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Seamless Adaptive Clinical Trials: What’s really at stake?

Seamless adaptive clinical trials have gained popularity for reducing the projected time it takes to complete the...
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