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Innovations in Bayesian Clinical Trials Virtual Symposium

Following the recent success of our complimentaryInnovations in Bayesian Clinical Trials Virtual Symposium and Interactive Workshops’ we are excited to announce we have extended the series and added a host of new webinars and speakers to the program. Join us for part two of this innovative series, which will expose you to cutting edge topics from industry leaders in Bayesian statistics.

During this program we will cover a range of topics presented by Bayesian experts in academia, regulatory and industry. The speakers will discuss:

  • A New Hybrid Phase I-II-III Clinical Trial Paradigm 
  • Information borrowing in clinical trials: methods for basket trials and external data
  • Early phase oncology decision making using East Bayes 
  • Leveraging external control data for a clinical trial with Time-to-Event Endpoint
  • A review of Adaptive Phase II basket trial designs in East Bayes
  • Utilizing Bayesian Analysis to Make Go/No-Go Decisions in a Platform Trial 
  • Using robust Bayesian priors to borrow information from historical adult trials for a clinical trial in pediatric multiple sclerosis

Meet our distinguished speakers:

  • Peter Thall, Anise J. Sorrell Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and an adjunct faculty member of the Rice University Statistics Department
  • Jay Kyle Wathen, Vice President, Scientific Strategy & Innovation
  • Rajat Mukherjee, Executive Research Principal, SC QS&DS
  • Pranav Yajnik, Temporary Research Consultant, Quantitative Strategies & Data Science, Cytel 
  • Satrajit Roychoudhury, PhD, Senior Director, Statistical Research and Data Science Centre, Pfizer
  • Marius Thomas, Senior Principal Biostatistician, Novartis
  • Pantelis Vlachos, Principal, Strategic Consulting, Cytel
  • Alyssa Biller, Solutions Consultant, Cytel
  • Tianjian Zhou, Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University

Meet The Speakers

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