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On Demand Webinar Series:
Advancing Innovation in Clinical Trial Design

Embrace The Digital Era of Clinical Trials in China  - Challenges and Opportunities

Cytel is excited to announce a new webinar series, Advancing Innovative Clinical Trial Design. Innovative trial design has provided pharmaceutical & biotech companies an opportunity to design and implement more efficient clinical trials in order to expedite the drug development process. Several regulators, including the FDA, EMA and CDE have encouraged the use of complex, adaptive, Bayesian and other novel clinical trial designs.

In this innovative webinar series, our industry leading speakers will discuss:

  • Trends in clinical trial design
  • Review the evolving landscape and statistical framework
  • Discuss the use of various tools for optimizing trial designs and review the practical's when implementing trial simulations
  • Present the use of Cytel’s East ® platform (the industry-standard software for adaptive clinical trial design and analysis) and Cytel’s Solara platform (the first trial strategy platform)

Watch the final webinar in the new series on demand,Embrace The Digital Era of Clinical Trials in China - Challenges and Opportunities, led by Luyan Dai, Ph.D. Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Chief Statistician at HLT.

As part of Cytel’s webinar series on “Advancing Innovation in Clinical Trial Design”, we have seen how the drug development process has been optimized in recent years. The traditional clinical trial model has faced significant challenges due to increased competition. In the past 2 years, the outbreak of COVID-19 also imposed a disruptive impact onto the sustainability of the clinical research ecosystem that steers pioneer efforts in advancing digital trials. The digital trial leverages the digital applications and solutions (such as real world data analytics, insights, sensors, apps) to improve clinical design from start-up to closure, reduce screening failures with digital feasibility and screening, improve participant access and engagement with virtual communication tools, enhance operation quality and efficiency with reduced site visits via remote monitoring, and streamline data collection process with e-Source. The integrated digital solutions also enable the decentralized trial operation model to successfully harness digital methods and the myriad benefits of such technologies for clinical research.

During this webinar Luyan Dai will share the recent development of the digital applications and pilot implementation in China.

Meet the Speakers

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