Corporate Social Responsibility


To become an organisation deeply committed to uplifting and enriching society, both materially and spiritually.


Implement sustainable programs themed around Education, which uplift and enhance the living conditions of the financially marginalised sections of society.


Sector: Education in Healthcare and Statistics
Beneficiaries: Youth from economically underprivileged backgrounds
Geography: Around the globe, with emphasis on the Cytel office locations

Cytel Initiatives

At Cytel we are committed to upholding the highest standards in our interactions with customers, our colleagues and the communities in which we live and work. We are proud of our company’s contributions and the many ways we can make a difference in the world by keeping our Vision at the forefront of everything we do.

Our employees lead these initiatives with an enthusiastic hand – as an organization, we believe that Giving Back is Going Forward.


School supplies for needy children

As a part of its mission to promote knowledge and encourage success, Cytel believes every child should have a positive start to the school year. By partnering with local boys and girls clubs to provide low income school children with backpacks and school supplies, the Cytel Cambridge and Waltham offices aim to empower them to approach the school year with a sense of enthusiasm for their personal growth. Here’s to giving all kids the resources for long term success!


Drum Circle with Swadhar’s MOHOR Project

The emotional stresses of financial, environmental and health related hardships have led to behavioral issues for many children in the Budhwar-peth Area of Pune. The MOHOR project in Budhwar-peth works with the children of Pune’s sex workers. Cytel partnered with the Swadhar Institute to organize twelve drum circles for children at MOHOR, aged 4 months to 13 years. The process channeled their emotions into a creative group exercise, cultivating greater concentration, teamwork and the ability to follow directions.


Scratch Teaching

Cytel’s educational vision promotes engaging program activities that bring computer science and technological education to a wider array of students. In a 21ST century economy, children not given the chance to learn coding at a young age, will face automatic disadvantages in the workplace and find it difficult to leverage technology for innovative problem-solving. Cytel aims to counter unequal access to technological and computer science education by encouraging its work force to volunteer in local schools.