Collaborative Research

Cytel’s advanced statistical and operations research capabilities help your organization go beyond meeting today's clinical development goals. Our holistic approach to program strategy aims to maximize the information mined from every dollar spent, while reducing unnecessary financial risk from your clinical trial. 

Our Expertise

Our collaborative model pairs a sponsor with our teams of analytical, process-oriented software engineers. Together we deploy productive improvements to trial design, decision-support, and logistics management. We are particularly well-versed in building customized software to solve unique problems your situation might encounter. 

Our Expertise

Want to determine strategically optimal Go/No Go rules? Want to predict your trial's complex enrollment forecast? Our collaborative research teams can provide customized software and pragmatic solutions to a variety of problems your clinical development strategy might encounter. 

These collaborative projects have produced meaningful results for:

  • Major biopharmaceutical firms including: Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi
  • Numerous biotech and specialty developers
  • Academic centers — The Harvard School of Public Health, The Medical University of Vienna
  • The FDA CDHR, co-developing Bayesian adatpive trial design tools for better medical device trials