Merck Serono Gains Biostatistics and Stats Programming Productivity Boost with Cytel “Extension Arm” Outsourced Team

To increase their biostats and programming capacity, Merck Serono turns to Cytel. The Cytel dedicated team “extension arm” must succeed in: (1) reducing the sponsor company's costs, yet deliver qualified clinical stats and SAS / R talent, (2) strictly adhering to Merck Serono standards, (3) limiting any start-up period disruptions

Response – Establish an outsourced dedicated team of clinically experienced statistical programmers

Cytel assembles a team of qualified biostatisticians and statistical programmers located primarily at its India offices.

Project leaders at Merck Serono and Cytel together develop a start-up strategy to address typical outsourcing challenges including requisite skill level fulfillment and distributed work center synchronization. The progress and quality of the extension team’s work is carefully monitored both by Cytel and Merck Serono managers.

With a proven expanded staffing strategy in place, Merck Serono is ready to scale-up and cope with any expected - or unforeseen - resource bottlenecks.


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