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Adam Hamm, PhD is a Director Biostatistics at Cytel and has extensive experience with statistical analysis and methodology over all phases (I-IV) of clinical research. Dr. Hamm brings more than 12 years of experience in clinical trials. Responsibilities included strategic statistical consulting, development of statistical sections of protocols, development of adaptive design plans including simulations and modeling, development of sample size reports, randomizations schemes and statistical analysis plans, and clinical study reports and standalone statistical reports in support of clinical research in numerous therapeutic areas, including oncology. Adam has extensive experience in early phase oncology trials with adaptive designs. He implemented the CRM from start to finish in a phase I trial studying solid tumors. He has also analyzed studies utilizing Simon two-stage designs, and consulted on studies that used the mTPI method and Bayesian predictive probability with continuous monitoring. In addition, Adam has worked on two phase 3 breast cancer studies with interim analyses triggered by event milestones.

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Inside an Oncology Statistician's Toolkit

Posted by Adam Hamm

Feb 9, 2017 7:34:58 AM



 In this blog, Adam Hamm, PhD, Director Biostatistics at Cytel shares some of the most important knowledge he uses in  his day to day work as a biostatistician working extensively in oncology research. Adam has broad experience with statistical analysis and methodology over all phases (I-IV) of development, in particular working in the oncology arena. 

 As a Director of Biostatistics at Cytel, I work on design, statistical analysis and reporting projects for a range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical sponsors. During my career, I’ve developed a particular focus on oncology trials, so in this blog I’ll share some insights into the  knowledge which I have found particularly vital  as a biostatistician working in this area. This knowledge spans specific statistical methodologies and understanding of the clinical issues across the phases of clinical development. The summary is not exhaustive, but provides a glimpse into the broad exposure which is needed for a biostatistician to develop a fully rounded understanding in the area. To learn more, read on...


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